Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewing just a little bit...

Nina loves these jeans but they had a hole in the knee. This was my attempt at a patch. The big daisy is from some material that Lee Anne gave me. Nina wants to dress like a boy. We have disagreements about the outfits she attempts to wear- mainly because they consist of dirty clothes and she prefers to wear anything blue and plain- like a boy. So, of course, she got a flower patch on her favorite jeans- HAHA! Mommy wins until she refuses to wear them. I still win because I know Betsy will wear them. She loves flowers.
Yes, Betsy wore the yellow crown to the grocery store today. Everyone commented on it and she loved the attention.
I made this onesie and burp cloth for a friend that had a baby boy. I love the plaid fabric, very preppy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Whale Party That Wasn't

Betsy's Whale Party Wasn't. It didn't happen. She was struck down with a stomach virus. Nina got it too. The party was cancelled. Here is a glimpse of what would have been: Whale Cupcake Toppers (for 48 cupcakes!!!!)

I made Betsy a whale nightgown (she is wearing) and a sleeping bag for her Joshua lamb. Nina has a sleeping bag for her doll/dog, and Betsy wanted one too. I used old receiving blankets for both projects. I am green (and cheap)!

The birthday crown that I made for her. I found a tutorial on one of the numerous blogs that I read. I would give her credit if I remembered who it was!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slipcover Inspiration

I have sewn for the girls. I have sewn for other people. Now, I am going to finally sew for the house. I am going to sew chair covers for the kitchen chairs. I haven't found a decent tutorial for how to sew a slipcover like the way I want it to look. I guess I am going to sew it using my very own brain. I will take you on my journey. It should be exciting and frustrating.

First, my inspiration pictures: This is a good concept. I like the tailored look.
Too plain and formal for me....
Who doesn't like a bit of ruffle in their life? I do but not in our kitchen. Very shabby.
I wanted to get an entire view to observe the craftsmanship.

Finally.....THE WINNER!
It is clean, tailored and simple. I adore the pleats.

No monogram for me or piping for that matter...I couldn't handle piping on my first endeavor. I think this is an exceptional slipcover!
I would be a horrible blogger if I didn't tell you where I got this inspirational picture. I have subscribed to her blog. Check it out. She is an interior designer, surprise, surprise! Guess where she is from? You got it, Texas! Good people come from Texas! I know a few good people from Texas myself.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Conversations with Betsy

Betsy loves GG and Poppa's house because they have books with A LOT of stickers in them.
Conversation at Breakfast with Betsy

Betsy: Is Barack Obama a girl or a boy Mommy?
Me: A boy
Betsy: Oh, a boy, really?
Me: Yes, Barack Obama is a boy and he is the President of the United States.
Betsy: Oh, I guess that we shouldn't call him Broccoli Obama. (Broccoli in our house is pronounced baroccoli).
Me (laughing, wanting to say something very opinionated but being a good parent, refrained): No, I don't think that you should call him Broccoli Obama. He wouldn't like that.
Betsy: Oh, okay.

Pioneer Woman

Please check out this website.

I cooked a great lasagna recipe I found on her site. It was great. No, really. I have made lasagna but this one is traditional and delicious.

I am seriously addicted to blogs. I love the cooking blogs because they give me inspiration for my meals. I need inspiration to cook. I don't love to cook but I love to master something that I set my mind to. It is a challenge for me to make interesting and healthy meals. The better I get at cooking, the more I enjoy it because I am winning!

Baking is pure joy. I love to watch the beauty of a homemade cupcake unfold before my eyes. It is a blessing that my husband doesn't really care for sweets. If he did, we would be as wide as we are tall- like a roly poly! Heehee.