Friday, February 26, 2010

More of the Girls

Anchors Away!

I still have to sew on the neck to this red dress. I wanted to take a picture of it and post it while I was in the mood. I have to be in the mood to do these things.

I like the ruffle on this dress. Both dresses are refashions from old t-shirts. They will look better on the models that are intended to wear and play in them. Knits are so forgiving and really take on a nice shape with little bodies in them. Isn't it nice to have some clothes that aren't just pink and more pink?

Happy Birthday Little Red!

Can you believe that she is 4 years old? How is that possible? She will always be my baby.
Yes, I made that dress for her birthday. It is my crazy floral creation. I couldn't resist.

Little Purse for Little Red

What is inside? Little pockets for Little Red's big collection of little objects.
Notice the sweet little flowers on the front? Little Red can't have a purse without flowers on it!