Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sewing just a little bit...

Nina loves these jeans but they had a hole in the knee. This was my attempt at a patch. The big daisy is from some material that Lee Anne gave me. Nina wants to dress like a boy. We have disagreements about the outfits she attempts to wear- mainly because they consist of dirty clothes and she prefers to wear anything blue and plain- like a boy. So, of course, she got a flower patch on her favorite jeans- HAHA! Mommy wins until she refuses to wear them. I still win because I know Betsy will wear them. She loves flowers.
Yes, Betsy wore the yellow crown to the grocery store today. Everyone commented on it and she loved the attention.
I made this onesie and burp cloth for a friend that had a baby boy. I love the plaid fabric, very preppy.

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