Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Slipcover Inspiration

I have sewn for the girls. I have sewn for other people. Now, I am going to finally sew for the house. I am going to sew chair covers for the kitchen chairs. I haven't found a decent tutorial for how to sew a slipcover like the way I want it to look. I guess I am going to sew it using my very own brain. I will take you on my journey. It should be exciting and frustrating.

First, my inspiration pictures: This is a good concept. I like the tailored look.
Too plain and formal for me....
Who doesn't like a bit of ruffle in their life? I do but not in our kitchen. Very shabby.
I wanted to get an entire view to observe the craftsmanship.

Finally.....THE WINNER!
It is clean, tailored and simple. I adore the pleats.

No monogram for me or piping for that matter...I couldn't handle piping on my first endeavor. I think this is an exceptional slipcover!
I would be a horrible blogger if I didn't tell you where I got this inspirational picture. http://www.hollymathisinteriors.com/ I have subscribed to her blog. Check it out. She is an interior designer, surprise, surprise! Guess where she is from? You got it, Texas! Good people come from Texas! I know a few good people from Texas myself.

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