Monday, March 2, 2009

Pioneer Woman

Please check out this website.

I cooked a great lasagna recipe I found on her site. It was great. No, really. I have made lasagna but this one is traditional and delicious.

I am seriously addicted to blogs. I love the cooking blogs because they give me inspiration for my meals. I need inspiration to cook. I don't love to cook but I love to master something that I set my mind to. It is a challenge for me to make interesting and healthy meals. The better I get at cooking, the more I enjoy it because I am winning!

Baking is pure joy. I love to watch the beauty of a homemade cupcake unfold before my eyes. It is a blessing that my husband doesn't really care for sweets. If he did, we would be as wide as we are tall- like a roly poly! Heehee.

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