Monday, March 2, 2009

Conversations with Betsy

Betsy loves GG and Poppa's house because they have books with A LOT of stickers in them.
Conversation at Breakfast with Betsy

Betsy: Is Barack Obama a girl or a boy Mommy?
Me: A boy
Betsy: Oh, a boy, really?
Me: Yes, Barack Obama is a boy and he is the President of the United States.
Betsy: Oh, I guess that we shouldn't call him Broccoli Obama. (Broccoli in our house is pronounced baroccoli).
Me (laughing, wanting to say something very opinionated but being a good parent, refrained): No, I don't think that you should call him Broccoli Obama. He wouldn't like that.
Betsy: Oh, okay.

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SharonAnnie said...

Betsy's GG & Poppa have stickers pasted ALL over their house. We are glad to make Betsy so happy!