Monday, August 3, 2009

Refashion- Shirt to Dress

This shirt was a hand-me-down from a neighbor. It was too big for my girls but perfect to refashion into a dress. I have never refashioned anything before so this was my first attempt. I took the shirt in at the sides. Then I made a knit flower using a tutorial I found on another blog. The flowers actually cover a couple of small stains and they are made from knit shorts. I attached a band of hot pink knit fabric (from another old shirt) and finished it with an overedge stitch to make the lettuce-like hem. I used to fear knits. No, really. Knits-ahhh! But after being inspired by various blogs- especially .. , I ventured into the knit sewing arena. I enjoyed the learning process. I wasn't concerned about making mistakes because the knits were recycled. I am pleased with the results and have more ideas to refashion other clothes. Can you imagine the money that I will save and the original clothing I can create? The options are endless.

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