Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Work on Me!

I hate to make resolutions because I don't keep them. However, here is a list of things that I am going to make a real attempt to work on this year. I guess if I publish them, I might work more diligently at them.

1. More time with God- I am going to spend more time praying and spending time with God. I have several books and devotionals to build my relationship with my Lord.

2. Less consumption of goods- I am going to accomplish this by making FEWER trips to Target. When I do visit Target, it will be with a list in hand and I will stick to the list. I am going to sew with the fabric that I have on hand as much as possible and make gifts instead of purchasing them. This is with the exception of books. I love to buy books as presents! I am going to continue to use the library for many of our books.

3. Healthy food for the family- I am going to plan and cook healthy meals and snacks for my family. I have several books and the internet to help me accomplish this task. We don't eat out much as it is but we will eat out even less!

3. Run, run, run- I love to run. I am going to run more frequently and farther.

4. Read- I am going to read at least a book a month.

5. Sew- I have a list of projects to sew for the year. I am going to sew every last one of them. I already know what I am going to sew my family and friends for next Christmas! Good for me!

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