Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teen Theme Thursday

Every Thursday I will share writings from my teen years. I will try to only embarass myself, which you will see isn't difficult. If you have anything to share, scan it and email it to me. You can be a ghost blogger. Wouldn't that be fun?

If you click on the writing/picture, you can open it in a different window and view the writing as clear as day.


Sharon said...

I NEVER knew they called you, "Giggles". My nickname in college was, get ready for this, "Giggles Glendening" You just can't escape being like your mother, even though you thought I was dumb. You'll have your revenge. Both of yours will be like you, if they're lucky.

Anonymous said...

I think my dad made that up because you were always so happy and giggled when he would embarrass you in fun! I still have to refer to you that way so he knows who I'm talking about! I love giggles!