Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is a new year and I have new projects! Imagine that!?

Recently, I had the pleasure of cleaning out my stuff from my parents' attic. No worries, they are perfectly healthy but none of us want to clean it out at a later date.

My mother is a clean fanatic. However, she never threw out my papers, diaries, drawings, etc. She put them in a box- actually boxes, and up in the attic they went. I was so surprised to find all my creative writing, cards and diaries. I kept many diaries. Not surprising, I mainly wrote when I was troubled. It is a stroll through my teenage angst and emotions.

Why do you care about this? Get excited- I am going to share some of my entries with you. They are so horrible that it is humorous. If I wrote about you, I will white out your last name. Ah-relief for those that dumped me as a friend for a boy! Haahaa!

Obviously, I will still post pictures of my sewing projects. I completed many over Christmas that you all must see. You might be inspired!

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