Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who doesn't love a big pink flower?

Nothing wrong with a little FLOWER POWER! I made these flower hair clips for the girls at Nina's birthday party. I think that they are precious. We do love a gorgeous flower at this house- of course, we also love gorgeous rocks! haha!

I pay these models a lot of money for these photo shoots. They are very demanding- wanting to make their own poses- not the director's pose. They are perfect for the job and within my budget so I guess I will keep them.
Any names yet for my boutique? I thought of the following and just need feedback:
Yam I Am
Ballerinas and Gardenias
Little Jo and Red
Big Pink Flower
I was trying to think of ways to combine the girls traits or names to make a name. I could also use family names:
Marilyn and Muriel
I need to stop. I am signing off. I have more pictures to share with you tomorrow!

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