Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Day, Another Blog

This book was written by the founding guitarist of Korn, Brian Welch. He tells his story of being addicted to drugs, giving up a child for adoption, having another child, and finally- finding Jesus. The first half of the book is somewhat depressing involving all the stories about drug abuse. However, he does find the Lord and really changes his life. It is not the best written book but I think the story is compelling. I know that I don't want my children to ever live the life of a rock star!

In other Mally Jo news, I have been working on a blog for my bible study group. Please take a look at it. If you have any valuable resources to add to it, let me know!

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Anonymous said...

I have a source for's called the Bible! hahahahahaha Okay, I'm a dork!